extreme dieting
Cancer Urban Legend: Extreme Diets Can Lower My Cancer Risk
February 20, 2017

People have a lot of ideas these days about what might help prevent cancer: alkaline water, going vegan, a ketogenic diet – even fasting. But none of these dieting trends are likely to have much of an effect on cancer risk, according to City of Hope dieticians.

Sumanta Pal 256x256
February 17, 2017

Despite a wave of new targeted therapies being approved to treat kidney cancer, many of those therapies have been challenging to use because of the difficulty in obtaining cancer tissue for genomic testing. Now, researchers may have found a way to combat this problem: the liquid biopsy.

Shiuan Chen
Inside the Lab: Slowing Down Estrogen Boosters to Treat Breast Cancer
February 16, 2017

City of Hope scientists have identified a new, potential treatment for breast cancers that exhibit a resistance against a common type of drug used to treat the disease.

breakthroughs - Behnam Badie and Christine Brown
Researchers achieve remission using CAR-T Cell therapy for aggressive brain tumors
February 15, 2017

City of Hope case study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported treatment with reengineered CAR-T cells dramatically improved quality of life for patient with recurrent glioblastoma.

Becky McIntyre-Velasquez, bell donation
Survivors' bell gives cancer patients extra ring of hope
February 15, 2017

A survivors' bell hanging in City of Hope’s main Duarte campus has been rung by more than 200 patients since it was donated by ovarian cancer survivor Becky Velazquez-McIntyre two summers ago. And now she is taking the survivor bell ritual to the rest of the 13 City of Hope community practice sites.