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Supporting Loved Ones Through Donating Blood and Platelets

City of Hope patients need the support of their family and friends. By donating whole blood and/or platelets, you can easily support them throughout their treatments. In addition, donated blood products from family and friends are a great source of encouragement and support for patients needing transfusions.
Directed Donors Are Always Needed

Each month, our patients require approximately 3,000 blood components. Our patients rely on daily blood and platelet donations to replenish blood and platelets that are depleted during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. 

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For whole blood donations, if your blood type is compatible with the patient’s blood type, your donation can be given directly to your loved one.

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Donating in our center or organizing a directed donor blood drive through our mobile program are great ways to assist a patient in need.

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You can donate whole blood once every eight weeks. Platelets may be donated every two weeks. Contact our center to determine if you are eligible to donate blood or platelets.

Set Up A Friends And Family List

On our Family and Friends Donor List, include names of family and friends who may be interested in donating for your loved one. Please include the name of the patient, the patient’s medical record number and date of birth, where indicated.

Request a copy of this list by calling 626-218-7171 or emailing

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Am I Eligible?

Find out if you are eligible to donate

Blood Safety: Are Directed Donations Safer?

All City of Hope donors voluntarily give blood and/or platelets. Prior to donating, there is a thorough screening process donors will go through to determine if it is safe for them to donate. After screening, the donated blood product is tested for blood type, HIV, hepatitis and other viruses that may be transmitted by blood transfusion.

To learn more about directing your donation toward a specific City of Hope patient in need, please call 626-218-0338.