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Lin-Ren Jang

Ren-Jang Lin, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology; Associate Dean of Curriculum, Irell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences
Clinical Expertise
  • Molecular Biology
Research Focus
  • Role of RNA Splicing and microRNAs in Cancer
Email: [email protected]


City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, 1500 East Duarte Road

Duarte, CA 91010

Selected Publications
  • Skrdlant, L., Stark, J.M., and Lin, R.‐J. (2016). Myelodysplasia‐associated mutations in serine/arginine‐rich splicing factor SRSF2 lead to alternative splicing of CDC25C. BMC Mol Biol. 17:18. PMID: 27552991
  • Lin, R.‐J. (2016). RNA‐Protein Complexes and Interactions: Methods and Protocols. In Methods in Molecular Biology series, Humana Press, New Jersey. PMID: 27403468
  • Chen, B., Chen, X., Wu, X., Wang, X., Wang, Y., Lin, T. Y., Kurata, J., Wu, J., Vonderfecht, S., Sun, G., Huang, H., Yee, J. K., Hu, J., and Lin, R.‐J. (2015) Disruption of microRNA‐21 by TALEN leads to diminished cell transformation and increased expression of cell‐environment interaction genes. Cancer Lett 356:506‐516. PMID: 25304376
  • Zang, S., Lin, T. Y., Chen, X., Gencheva, M., Newo, A. N., Yang, L., Rossi, D., Hu, J., Lin, S. B., Huang, A., and Lin, R.‐J. (2014) GPKOW is essential for pre‐mRNA splicing in vitro and suppresses splicing defect caused by dominant‐negative DHX16 mutation in vivo. Biosci Rep 34:841‐850. PMID:  25296192
  • Wang, S.E. and Lin, R.‐J. (2013) MicroRNA and HER2‐overexpressing Cancer. MicroRNA 2:137‐147. PMID: 25070783
  • Gencheva, M., Lin, T.‐Y., Wu, X., Yang, L., Richard, C., Jones, M., Lin, S.‐B., and Lin, R.‐J. (2010) Nuclear retention of unspliced pre‐mRNAs by mutant DHX16/hPRP2. J. Biol. Chem., 285:35624‐35632.
  • Li, Chunxia, Kato, Mitsuo, Shiue, Lily, Shively, John E., Ares, Manuel, Jr. and Lin, R.‐ J. (2006) Cell Type and Culture Condition‐Dependent Alternative Splicing in Human Breast Cancer Cells Revealed by Splicing‐Sensitive Microarrays. Cancer Res. 66: 1990‐1999.
  • Yean, S.‐L., Wuenschell, G., Termini, J., and Lin, R.‐J. (2000) Essential metal ion coordination by U6 small nuclear RNA contributes to catalysis in the spliceosome. Nature, 408: 881‐884. PMID:11130730
  • Kim, S.‐H. and Lin, R.‐J. (1996) Spliceosome activation by PRP2 ATPase prior to the first transesterification reaction of pre‐mRNA splicing. Mol. Cell. Biol. 16: 6810‐6819.
  • Lin, R.‐J., Lustig, A.J., and Abelson, J. (1987) Splicing of yeast nuclear pre‐mRNA in vitro requires a functional 40S spliceosome and several extrinsic factors. Genes Dev. 1: 7‐18.
  • Lustig, A.J., Lin, R.‐J., and Abelson, J. (1986) The yeast RNA gene products are essential for mRNA splicing in vitro. Cell 47: 953‐963.
  • Lin, R.‐J., Capage, M., and Hill, C.W. (1984) A repetitive DNA sequence, rhs, responsible for duplications within the Escherichia coli K‐12 chromosome. J. Mol. Biol. 177: 1‐18.
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