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Ed Newman bio

Edward Newman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Medical Oncology and Therapeutics Research
Research Focus
  • The Mechanism of Reactivation of Tumor Suppressor Genes by Inhibitors of DNA (Cytosine-5) Methyltransferase
  • Mechanisms of Drug Resistance
Co-director of the Analytical Pharmacology Core
Email: [email protected]
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Edward Newman received his Ph.D. in pharmacology from Yale University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at UCSF prior to joining the faculty at City of Hope. He is an associate professor in the Department of Medical Oncology and Therapeutics Research. He is the principal investigator of the California Cancer Consortium UM1 Cooperative Agreement, which supports participation by four California institutions (City of Hope, USC, UC Davis and Stanford) in the National Cancer Institute Experimental Therapeutics Clinical Trials Network (ETCTN). His laboratory and translational interests focus on the development of epigenetic-directed therapeutics.


City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, 1500 East Duarte Road

Duarte, CA 91010

Somlo G, Frankel PH,  Arun BK, Ma CX, Garcia AA, Cigler T, Cream LV, Harvey HA, Sparano JA, Nanda R, Chew HK, Moynihan TJ, Vahdat LT, Goetz MP, Beumer JH, Hurria A, Mortimer J, Piekarz R, Sand S, Herzog J, Van Tongeren LR, Ferry-Galow KV, Chen AP, Ruel C, Newman EM, Gandara DR, Weitzel JN. Efficacy of the Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerase Inhibitor (PARPi) ABT-888 (veliparib) Alone or in Combination with Carboplatin in Germline BRCA1- or BRCA2-Associated Metastatic Breast Cancer California Cancer Consortium Trial NCT01149083. Clin. Cancer Res. 23, 4066-4076, 2017. PMID: 28356425. PMCID: PMC5540749

“Newman EM, Morgan RJ, Kummar S, Beumer JH, Blanchard MS, Ruel C, El-Khoueiry AB, Carroll MI, Hou JM, Li C, Lenz HJ, Eiseman JL, Doroshow JH. A phase I, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic evaluation of the DNA methyltransferase inhibitor 5-fluoro-2'-deoxycytidine, administered with tetrahydrouridine. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2015 Mar;75(3):537-46. PubMed PMID: 25567350; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4344391
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