The City of Hope Story

In only 100 years, City of Hope has transformed itself from a small tuberculosis sanatorium on the outskirts of Los Angeles into a world-renowned biomedical, treatment and education center committed to shaping the future.
Our drive to revolutionize the treatment of cancer, diabetes and other life- threatening diseases is based, in part, on our past success. City of Hope’s compassionate care model has been adopted by hospitals across the globe, even as our research has led to synthetic human insulin, used by millions worldwide with diabetes, and to the lifesaving cancer drugs Rituxan, Avastin and Herceptin.
That success is a testament to the transformative power of philanthropy.
Empowered by City of Hope supporters, our scientists and physicians quickly translate laboratory breakthroughs into groundbreaking treatments.  
And the work is just beginning. 

The National Insurance Industry Council Story

A group of key industry executives, motivated by a commitment to innovative medical research, quality patient care and City of Hope’s guiding humanitarian principals, founded City of Hope’s National Insurance Industry Council (NIIC) in 1978. Having raised some $22 million over their 36 year history, the dedicated volunteers of the NIIC are committed to saving the lives of cancer and diabetes patients while also bringing hope to loved ones and caregivers. 
NIIC comprises representatives of the most prominent life, property and casualty companies, law firms, brokers, accounting firms, reinsurers, executive placement firms and actuaries in the insurance industry. With active Midwest, Atlanta and Tampa Committees and council members from across the U.S., the NIIC spans the country, as does the impact of City of Hope’s research, patient care protocols and educational outreach.