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Cancer care has come a long way in recent years, with an exponential increase in our understanding of the disease that has led to new treatment options for hundreds of cancer subtypes. Through ongoing research and clinical trials, this knowledge continues to expand each day.

Yet only 20% of cancer cases are treated at National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers, specialized hospitals like City of Hope where the focus is on developing new and improved approaches to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

City of Hope founded AccessHope™ to extend our world-class cancer expertise to more people across the country.


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Closing The Cancer Knowledge Gap

AccessHope democratizes cancer support by remotely exporting renowned expertise from City of Hope and other NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers to U.S. employers, their employees with cancer and these employees' local oncologists as an employer-sponsored cancer benefit.

Extending reach to any ZIP code

AccessHope takes a team approach with the covered employees' treating oncologists to help these local doctors get their patients on the right course of treatment early on for the best possible outcomes. Instead of requiring those living with cancer to physically go to a cancer center, AccessHope enables them to stay close to home with their family and friends — helping them navigate the cancer journey wherever that might be.

Extending reach to any ZIP code
Addressing cancer health disparities

A troubling gap exists between cancer treatment and cancer outcomes based on genetic, behavioral, environmental, physical, medical and social determinants of health. AccessHope is bringing the vast expertise of NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers to people with cancer health disparities in underserved populations for greater health equity nationwide.

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