The City of Hope Editorial Policy

The City of Hope Editorial Policy

At City of Hope, we know that when it comes to cancer or other life-threatening diseases, having access to up-to-date, medically accurate educational information is critical, especially for those who are looking to make informed decisions about their own care or that of a loved one.

That’s why we make it our mission to provide informative clinical content that is accurate, up to date and trustworthy – verified, reviewed and vetted by medical experts, cancer specialists and seasoned editors before it’s published.

Our Editorial Standards

Our extended team of editorial professionals is staffed by veteran journalists and subject matter experts with years of experience in the nuance required of medically accurate and informative content. Content is written (whether for the blogs, for news items, for physician bios, for cancer information pages or for clinical program content) at the direction of seasoned editors, with input from clinical experts via interviews and independently sourced supporting material. In addition to consulting with City of Hope clinical and scientific experts, our writers source material only from authoritative resources, using citation references when relevant.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

City of Hope is committed to providing authoritative, trustworthy and reliably accurate information. Because of concerns about the veracity and sourcing of written content available in today’s generative AI tools, City of Hope’s policy is not to use these tools to develop or craft written content. To a limited extent, we do use generative AI and editing tools with imagery – but only to enhance the overall clarity, quality and accuracy of visual content while maintaining its authenticity.