Foodservice & Hospitality Industry

The Foodservice & Hospitality Industry was founded in 1991 by industry leaders who supported City of Hope’s belief that everyone deserved good medical care and the chance for a life free from pain and disease.

It is the goal of the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry to raise money in support of City of Hope through special events, employee giving programs, direct marketing promotions and an annual gala dinner honoring an outstanding volunteer in the industry who has made a commitment to helping those in need. An award honoree is recognized as a person of high achievement and leadership, and is selected for notable contributions to community and profession.
In a world that is becoming more and more competitive, the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry is a marvelous example of the potential that lies in cooperation among competitors coming together for a worthy cause.

Our Safety Measures

To help maintain a healthy environment, enhance safety and lower the risk of COVID-19 spread, all events will have special protocols in place. For more information please email your City of Hope contact.