Rivergrade Administration Center

The Rivergrade Administration Center was designed with the belief that a healthy workplace environment will empower excellence, enable effective collaboration, and inspire creativity and engagement. The consolidation of our administrative departments into this one versatile location allows City of Hope to maintain the strong community and shared culture that are at the heart of who we are.

One of the primary advantages of the Rivergrade Administration Center is the flexibility of its work spaces. The ability to move between different types of work throughout the day means more effective use of time, attention, and effort. From open, visible spaces that encourage creativity to private, enclosed spaces designed to limit distractions, employees can easily find the space that will meet their various work needs. We also offer several different types of individual and group work space, to enable either focus or collaboration as the need arises. Through this collaboration we hope to maintain a culture of knowledge sharing, common values, and healthy collegiality that will help us to fulfill our mission effectively.

By offering workspace flexibility, an energizing atmosphere, and opportunities for meaningful interaction, the Rivergrade Administration Center enables our community to effectively provide the compassionate care and expertise our patients have come to expect.

Together We Are Hope

Individually we are many things.
Together, we are hope.