Kidney Cancer Research

Kidney Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

At City of Hope, kidney cancer clinicians and researchers collaborate extensively to develop and evaluate new therapies for better survival and quality-of-life outcomes. Our patients have access to a wide variety of clinical trials including new chemotherapy and targeted therapies, hormone therapies with fewer side effects, novel surgical techniques, innovative radiation approaches and new prevention strategies.

These trials give current patients access to promising, leading-edge therapies and improve overall care for future patients worldwide. Visit our clinical trials page to learn more about current studies and their eligibility criteria.

Some of our current research projects include:

  • PD-1 inhibitors (nivolumab): These drugs stimulate the body's immune system to fight kidney cancer. City of Hope has ongoing studies in conjunction with multiple cancer centers to determine optimal dose for maximum effectiveness.
  • MET inhibitors (cabozantinib): Led by City of Hope investigators, this study is exploring MET inhibitors such as cabozantinib; this class of drugs may be helpful in blocking proteins that fuel kidney cancer growth.
  • Genomics of rare kidney cancer: City of Hope is conducting research into the less common subtypes of kidney cancer, and whether genetic markers on these rare cancers can drive better detection and treatment.
  • Imaging of kidney cancer: In addition to using leading-edge robotic techniques, City of Hope surgeons have been exploring the use of fluorescent dyes that may highlight areas of kidney cancer during surgical procedures; this may prove to be an invaluable technique that enables surgeons to more completely excise the cancer.