Myeloma Research

“There are a number of things happening in clinical trials right now that are very promising. And we are in the process of launching an exciting study looking at CAR T cell therapy for myeloma.”

Maung Myo Htut, M.D., Hematologist-Oncologist

Getting treated for myeloma at City of Hope means you are steps away from labs where new treatments for cancer are being developed every day. That proximity means you benefit from something unique in cancer care — “bench to bedside” treatment. Bench to bedside means innovative research we are conducting at our on-campus research laboratories is moved quickly to the bedside to treat patients.

Our program is known internationally for its research breakthroughs and clinical treatments — we are at the forefront of new therapies and have the technology to identify new potential targets for new drugs.

Myeloma Clinical Trials

The Kenneth Goldman and Briskin Family Clinical Trials Program manages and coordinates all trials related to the treatment of multiple myeloma. We offer access to dozens of clinical trials and new therapies not always available elsewhere.

Our latest research is focused on new drugs and drug combinations that target and attack relapsed myeloma which has become resistant to first-line treatment.

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