How to Access Test Results

When can I see my test results in MyCityofHope?

Your test results will vary when they are released to your MyCityofHope. For example, most outpatient labs will be available immediately after your results have been received, most inpatient labs will be available 48 hours after we receive your results, outpatient radiology exams will be available 48 hours after we receive your results and inpatient Radiology exams will be available 48 hours after you have been discharged from the hospital. NOTE: Certain test results may not be available until your provider has first discussed them with you

Why are certain test results not shared electronically via MyCityofHope?

Under California law, certain test results, such as pathology, genetics, and other specialized labs, are considered sensitive and will not be shared via your patient portal. Please visit the Health Information Management Services Department website to learn how to request a copy of your test results.

Prepare For Upcoming Tests And Procedures

MyCityofHope gives you a page with a new activity that shows all your upcoming test and procedure orders in one place.

The health feed helps you keep track of upcoming orders and easily get to the upcoming tests and procedures activity when you need to follow up.

Upcoming test and procedure screen on MyCityofHope app

If you are not ready to schedule the test yet, you can "snooze" the reminder to hide the card from your health feed for up to 90 days.

Upcoming Tests and Procedures screen on MyCityofHope app