Use My City of Hope to check test results, communicate with care team about your health

MyCityofHope Patient Portal

Your health information at your fingertips, anywhere, any time.

Access your health information/medical records, view most test and lab results, see your current medications, allergies and conditions, and pay your bills in your secure account.

How Do I Sign Up?

Get started using the activation code found on the after visit summary that you receive at the end of each appointment at City of Hope. If you do not have an activation code, you can request one.

Request an activation code

Sign up using activation code

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영상 상담(비대면) 시 통역 이용 가능

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With MyCityofHope, you can:

Access most test results

No more waiting for a phone call or letter. View your results for most tests online at your convenience.

Communicate with your care team

Email your care team to get answers to medical questions without multiple telephone calls or unnecessary appointments.

Access your health information/medical records

After your visit view your visit summary and the clinic notes provided by your health care provider.

Quick Help Videos

Watch our short tutorial videos to learn how to sign up for MyCityofHope and connect to your televisit appointment using your computer or phone.

Quick Help Videos
Connect to Hope Virtual – Your Telehealth Appointment Platform

Schedule a virtual appointment today to video chat with your doctor. It’s easy to use so you can get the care you need wherever it’s convenient for you.

remote medical appointment
Share With People

MyCityofHope enables you to share your health information/medical records with your family and caregivers who assist with your health care needs. You can also download or send your health information/medical records to someone else.

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MyCityofHope Guide

Download the MyCityofHope Guide (1.33 MB) in PDF format to learn how to access your health information, send messages to your health care team, request appointments and see most test results.

MCOH Guide

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Help Desk Available 24/7

Please contact us by phone or email. Technical support is available 24 hours per day/seven days a week.