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The younger face of cancer survivorship: Meet grateful patient 
Juliette Landgrave and Amanda Schwer, M.D.

May 1, 2024

The recommended age for starting breast cancer screening has recently been decreased to 40. Cancer rates are rising among adults under 50, especially in Southern California. Cancer’s new face is the face of our neighbors, work colleagues, and adult children, and awareness is the first step in getting people screened and tested early. Our guest today, Juliette Landgrave, is among the new young faces of cancer survivorship, and her story is one of resilience and hope. Her multidisciplinary team at City of Hope Orange County includes our second guest, renowned radiation oncologist Dr. Amanda Schwer. Join us as we discuss the special concerns that younger patients with cancer face, how those concerns can be addressed, and what younger adults can do to reduce their risk of developing cancer.

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