Cancer Is a Family Affair

Cancer isn’t just something that impacts your body, it can affect your entire family. That is why, from the moment a diagnosis happens, it is important to get treatment for your cancer — and get support for you, your family, caregivers and friends.

Just getting through treatment can be draining for everyone involved. When you also consider stresses like handling everyday personal needs, answering others’ questions about a diagnosis, and dealing with work or home life — everything can begin to feel like an exhausting hurdle. It does not take long for these stresses to devolve into anger, depression, isolation and argument between patients, family and caregivers.

At City of Hope we’ve created an emotional safety net to help you and your family cope with the stress and emotional toll of cancer. Our work revolves around boosting you and your loved ones' spirit and sense of hope with personalized care, compassion and support.


There's a 'City' behind every patient

City of Hope provides integrated, interdisciplinary supportive care cancer programs. What that means is your social worker is in constant contact with your psychologist, who is in constant contact with your oncologist and pain management specialist.

Our method of providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary care not only serves as a model for other supportive care programs nationwide — it works. It makes life better and more manageable for our patients and their families and friends.

We are a 'city' — a community — working together to make sure you and your loved ones never have to face the challenges involved with cancer alone. At the heart of what we provide for you and your family are:
  • Clinical social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Spiritual care chaplains
  • Pain physicians
  • Many other support professionals


These services are available at every step of your journey thanks to the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center and the Department of Supportive Care Medicine, both at our main campus in Duarte, California. Explore the tips, tools and resources below to make full use of the caring community you will find at City of Hope.