Survivorship Care Plan

At the end of their treatment, our cancer survivors will receive a Survivorship Care Plan, a personalized document created by the survivor’s health care team.

A Survivorship Care Plan is a valuable tool which summarizes the survivor’s diagnosis and treatment, and provides the survivor and their future health care providers with a guide to monitor and manage their ongoing physical and psychosocial health care. A Survivorship Care Plan can also provide cancer survivors with tools to empower them to lead the healthiest life possible.

The Survivorship Care Plan will include:

  • Diagnosis information, including site, stage, grade, hormone status and biomarker results
  • Treatment details, including type of treatment, agents used, and beginning and ending dates
  • Key City of Hope contact information
  • Information about the potential long-term and late effects of treatment
  • Guidelines for surveillance and follow-up care
  • Recommendations for leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Resources on available psychosocial care and support services

The purpose of the Survivorship Care Plan is to provide cancer survivors with a “road map” for the difficult transition from active care to the survivorship phase of care. It will help guide cancer survivors on what to do if they experience symptoms in the future and will give important resources to help them thrive as cancer survivors.