National Insurance Industry Council Board of Directors

About the NIIC Board of Directors
Because of the tremendous growth of the National Insurance Industry Council campaign over the past 39 years, a new, smaller National Insurance Council Board leadership structure has been established to more efficiently and effectively manage the long term health of the insurance industry fundraising effort.
This group is comprised of great leaders within the insurance industry who currently serve as City of Hope NIIC Advisory and Executive Committee members, the Spirit of Life® Committee chair and Regional Committee chairs. The board's other roles include the selecting of future Spirit of Life® honorees and the recruitment of new board members. Additional members may be added in the future as deemed appropriate by the board.

NIIC President

Kevin Daley
PURE Insurance

Board Members

Cindy Belcher
Cooperative of American
Patrick Mitchell
Builders Insurance Group
Southeast Committee Chair
Spirit of Life Honoree 2006
Greg Case
Aon (Chicago)
Spirit of Life Honoree 2013
Michael O’Halleran
Aon Re Global (Chicago)
Spirit of Life Honoree 1995
Scott Culler
Markel Corporation
Gary Petrosino
Chubb & Son (California)

Nicholas Davies
Brit Insurance
Jerry Sullivan
The Sullivan Group (California)
Spirit of Life Honoree 1997
Steve DeCarlo
Spirit of Life Honoree 2014
Tim Turner
R-T Specialty, LLC
Greg Jacobson
The Jacobson Group (Chicago)
Midwest Regional Committee Chair
Tom Veale
TRISTAR Insurance
Hoops for Hope National Chair
Daniel Kaufman
Burns & Wilcox
Paul Wagner
Gen Re Corporation (California)
Anthony Markel
Markel Corporation (Richmond, VA)
Power of Hope Campaign Chair
Spirit of Life Honoree 2006
James Weidner
Cooperative of American
Physicians (California & Chicago)
Spirit of Life Honoree 2009
Mark Wells
Wells Media Group Inc.