Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement to volunteer at City of Hope?
To apply to the City of Hope Duarte Campus High School volunteer program you must be at least 15 years of age by the date of orientation.
What is the minimum time commitment required to volunteer at City of Hope?
A minimum commitment of 100 hours is required.  Volunteers are assigned to a regular weekly schedule, serving a minimum of 4 hours per week/shift for adults and 3 hours per week/shift for high school students. Verification of hours will not be provided prior to reaching 100 hours of service.
Where are some of the positions that volunteers are placed in?
Volunteers are placed in a variety of settings including patient and family visitor service areas, surgical waiting rooms, inpatient and outpatient clinics and clerical areas assisting staff. Positions available are listed in our applications.
Can I or my family come in for one day to volunteer?
We are very committed to making sure we keep our patients and our volunteers safe while they are here. Our volunteers make a commitment of one year and 100 hours of service, commit to an in-person interview, commit to complete all the mandated Employee Health requirements, attend orientation and demonstrate competency in all the regulatory requirements we abide by. This includes HIPAA and infection prevention training that is re-validated each year a volunteer is with us. For other single-day events visit the  City of Hope Event Calendar.
Can my school or community group come in to volunteer?
We are unable to offer group volunteer opportunities at City of Hope due to infection control standards, as well as the protection of our patients’ confidentiality and comfort. Your group can help City of Hope by organizing a fundraiser. (/giving/fundraise).
I would like to shadow a doctor or a nurse. Can Volunteer Services help me?
We do not assist with arranging shadowing opportunities. If you are interested in shadowing a doctor or nurse, please talk to your primary care physician or career advisor.
I would like to gain research experience by volunteering in a lab. What should I do?
Volunteer Services does not provide opportunities in research or academic settings. Volunteer Services offers clerical assignments that do not provide research experience. If you are a student interested in a lab/research internship, please consult the Education and Training webpage.