Funded Studies

The generous members of City of Hope’s Circle 1500 are using the power of pooled philanthropy to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment for women with breast cancer. The important advances in research and care that you help make possible improve the future for women and families everywhere.

Thank you for joining us in this mission.

C1500 Pilot Research Studies Funded


  • LncRNA As Predictive Biomarkers In HER2+ Breast Cancer, Dr. Christina Wei
  • Effects of Exercise On Bone Marrow Fat and Bone Qulity in Postmenapausal Breast  Cancer Patients On Aromatase Inhibitors, Dr. Azarmindokht Khosravi 
  • Randomized Trial in Reduction of Acute Radiation Related Skin Reactions & Impact on Quality of Life, Comparing Two Topical Creams, Dr. Scott Glaser and Dr. Jennifer Novak
  • Partially Funded: Integrating Quality Psychosocial Care for All: Meting the Unique Needs of Monolingual Oncology Patients, Ruby Banuelos Calhoun and Courtney Bitz


  • Targeted Trastuzumab for the Treatment of HER2 Positive Breast Cancers, Dr. Jeremy King, PhD
  • PARP Inhibitor Therapy in Older Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer, Dr. Daphne Stewart 
  • An Insulin Resistance Breast Cancer Lifestyle Pilot Program, Dr. Raynald Samoa


  • Identify a New T Cell Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients, Colt Egelston, PhD
  • Quantitative Assessment of HER2 Resistance in Breast Cancer Patients, Tijana Talisman, PhD and Dr. Daniel Schmolze
  • Trial of Natural Supplement, Pterostilbene, with & without Megestrol, for Endometrial Cancer, Dr. Thanh Dellinger, MD
  • Understanding Barriers to Clinical Trials for Older Adults with Breast Cancer, Dr. Mina Sedrak


  • Breast Cancer Cells & Aging Study, Dr. Mark LaBarge
  • Gut Bacteria Effects on Neuropathy, Drs. Edouard Cantin and Niki Tank


  • Molecular Mechanisms of Exercise and Breast Cancer Prevention: A Community-Based Exercise Trial, Jessica Clague DeHart, Ph.D.
  • RNA Biology in Cancer Cell Response to Radiotherapy, Jeremy Stark, Ph.D


  • Next Generation Drug Discovery for Treating Herceptin Resistant Breast Cancer, Dr. Jacob Berlin, Ph.D


  • Pancreatic Nutrition Program, Dr. Joanne Mortimer, Jessica Clague DeHart, Ph.D.