Breast Cancer Support Services

Living With Breast Cancer

When you come to City of Hope, you automatically gain access to an unparalleled array of supportive care and long-term follow-up programs to help you and your loved ones manage the process of treatment and recovery.

We can help with all of the following concerns and more:

Visit our Living with Cancer or Supportive Care Medicine websites to learn more. For more information about the supportive care programs we offer, please contact the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center at 626-218-2273 (CARE) or the Women’s Center at 800-934-5555.


“City of Hope saved me. They saved my baby. They saved my family portrait.” Stephanie, breast cancer survivor

Follow-Up Care

Many women are relieved or excited to be finished with breast cancer treatment. However, some worry that their cancer could come back, or feel lost without the same level of care from their cancer-care providers. It’s very important to go to all follow-up appointments, when doctors will ask patients about any problems, and may conduct exams, lab tests or imaging tests to look for signs of cancer or treatment side effects.

Return To Wellness Program

As a leader in the supportive care of cancer patients, City of Hope’s new program “Return to Wellness” is designed to tackle that big “What now?” question, one topic at a time.

City of Hope experts lead workshops in nutrition, health monitoring, long-term side effect management, body image, sexuality and intimacy, lymphedema prevention, meditation, spirituality and more. Survivors also participate in weekly strength training, restorative yoga and support group sessions.

“Return to Wellness” is a collaboration with the Cancer Support Community of Pasadena. The program is open to women who have completed treatment for breast cancer. Survivors need not be City of Hope patients to participate.

Please call 626-218-2273 for more information.


“City of Hope treated me as a person. I wasn't just a patient, a chart. I mattered.”


Kommah, breast cancer survivor

Living Well

Living Well is an online community — a space for everyone who has been touched by cancer to make connections, share their stories, offer support and seek advice.

It features new stories weekly on everything from recipes to news about immunotherapy and other groundbreaking treatments. No one should have to go through cancer alone, and Living Well ensures that every person will have a supportive community to lean on.

To connect with fellow breast cancer fighters, caregivers and supporters alike, join our Living Well today.