National Hardware/Homebuilding Industry

HHI Industry Tour 490
Building a small group into a strong nationwide team.
A small group of philanthropic leaders formed the Hardware/Homebuilding Industry (HHI) group in 1982. Comprised of a nation-wide cross-section of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, home builders, builder supply chains, manufacturers' representatives and related members, it's one of the strongest teams in City of Hope's network.
Since its inception, HHI has raised more than $170 million, support that's been instrumental to City of Hope's advancements in research, treatment and education. Today, HHI is growing their efforts and engaging the next generation of leaders via Building Hope- HHI’s strategic initiative for up and coming professionals in the industry.
HHI and Building Hope together provide a unique platform for competitors and colleagues alike to network, have fun and support a great cause.

Our Safety Measures

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