National Life Insurance Council

National Life Insurance Council

Supporting life-saving new treatments for patients worldwide

In 2013, a number of executives and top producers from the life insurance industry joined City of Hope, forming the National Life Insurance Council (NLIC).
Led by Royce Imhoff II, managing director of Lion Street, and Bob DiMeo, managing director of Crump Life, the NLIC became the newest of the industry groups dedicated to funding the research, treatment and educational programs flourishing at City of Hope, through an annual fundraising campaign. The drive behind starting this group was that no other industry has a more vested interest in supporting treatment for cancer and diabetes. In addition to the annual Spirit of Life® Gala, The NLIC currently hosts an annual event at the exclusive Caves Valley Golf Club in the spring.
National Life Insurance Council

Meet the NLIC Team!

Ken Birkett
Senior Director

Hector Campos Jr.

Babak Kapanpour
Event Coordinator


City of Hope - NLIC
1500 E. Duarte Road
Duarte, CA 91010