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City of Hope’s Employee Giving Program is a simple and efficient yet significant way for your company to make a difference in the lives of people in your community and throughout the world.

Every dollar you contribute and fundraising activity you plan support our pioneering research and treatment programs, as well as create an environment of goodwill among your employees.
City of Hope’s employees are proud participants of our own Employee Giving program. Nearly half of all City of Hope employees deduct funds from their paycheck to support City of Hope’s lifesaving work.

What is an employee giving/payroll pledge program?

Payroll pledge programs (also called payroll deduction) are one of the easiest, most efficient ways for organizations to raise money to support City of Hope’s research. For as little as $1 or more each week, employees can help make a difference in the fight against life-threatening diseases.
To find out more about City of Hope’s Employee Giving program, contact Monica Riebli at

What are the benefits?

Advantages for the company:
  • Creates good community relations.   
  • Demonstrates good corporate citizenship and helps improve brand, image and reputation in the community.
  • Produces larger employee gifts because of budgeted payments.
  • Sends a strong message; it is interested in engaging employees.
Advantages for the employee:
  • Allows employees to make a significant contribution without a sudden cash expense.
  • Increases employee morale by creating a feeling of teamwork between employees and their employer.
  • Employees learn about services that can benefit them and their families.

Who is participating?

  •     Save Mart Supermarkets   
  •     Co-Sales
  •     The Performance Group- North
Matching Gifts
Did you know that many companies will double or even triple your donation to City of Hope?