Angels of Hope


Angels of Hope is a philanthropic membership group dedicated to the eradication of cancer and other life-threatening diseases through its support of City of Hope's innovative research, treatment and education programs.

The chapter came into being in February 2003, the brainchild of William “Bill” Finkel and his wife Rita Cooper-Finkel. The couple, who were already major donors to City of Hope, were confident they could attract many like-minded philanthropists in Los Angeles' South Bay area to join them in supporting the institution.
To date, the club has over 200 members and continues to grow.
Shelley Rockoff, President
For more information please call Philanthropy Department at 800-732-7121 [email protected].

When Duty Calls - Hope Turns to Heroes

For more than a century, from its humble origins to its current status as a world-class, comprehensive cancer center, City of Hope has been committed to providing compassionate, lifesaving care to patients battling cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. As the leading cancer hospital in the West, City of Hope is at the vanguard of cancer research and treatment. Numerous breakthrough cancer drugs are based on technology pioneered by City of Hope and are saving lives worldwide. City of Hope also discovered synthetic insulin, now the standard of care for millions of diabetics. While these are major achievements, there is still much work to be done. The researchers and clinicians at City of Hope continue to decode the mysteries of cancer and diabetes every day, even in the face of COVID-19. Cancer doesn’t stop because of a new threat. Neither does City of Hope.
City of Hope’s “speed to cure” philosophy makes it uniquely qualified to face today’s medical challenges. Its ability to manufacture experimental drugs on campus means the time from bench to bedside is greatly reduced, saving precious time and precious lives. That means the world to those who depend on City of Hope’s compassionate, patient-centered care.
Angels of Hope is a chartered Support Group in the South Bay that has been supporting City of Hope since 2003. We believe at City of Hope patients are surrounded by heroes. We ask that you join us; show your commitment to saving lives by donating to City of Hope. Visit us at Angels of Hope /City of Hope at City of for a one time or continuous pledge.
Author: Barry Tyson (Past President 2005 - 2018)

Join Us

Join Angels of Hope and enjoy the access, information and community afforded our members by City of Hope.
Membership privileges include:
  • Angels of Hope online newsletter
  • Annual VIP bus tour of City of Hope
  • Luncheons with significant City of Hope speakers
  • Membership certificate
Single/Couple Membership: $100/year

Angels of Hope Board Members

Shelley Rockoff
Barry Tyson
Past President
Anne Destabelle
Legacy Board Member
Jon Anderson          
Board Member
Matthew Bond          
Board Member
Dena Bricker           
Board Member
Elliott Brunner          
Board Member
Judy Lubin                
Board Member
Samantha Phan          
Board Member
Richard Rockoff      
Board Member
Carol Shafer              
Board Member
Chase Thacker          
Board Member
Denise Thomas          
Board Member
Sheng-Te Yang          
Board Member

Our Safety Measures

To help maintain a healthy environment, enhance safety and lower the risk of COVID-19 spread, all events will have special protocols in place. For more information please email your City of Hope contact.