Frequently Asked Questions About Hope Virtual

Frequently Asked Questions About Hope Virtual

How do I schedule a Hope Virtual televisit with my provider?
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Your health care team will work with you to schedule your Hope Virtual televisits. Not all types of care are appropriate for a televisit via Hope Virtual. Depending on the need, an in-person visit may still be required.

What do I need to connect to my video visit?
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You will need to create or use your existing MyCityofHope account* to connect to your appointment. You can also access appointments via the City of Hope app on your mobile device. Additionally, you will need access to the internet through a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, and a working email address.

*At the time of your appointment if you have not signed up for a MyCityofHope account, your provider will text or email you a visit link before your appointment.

How do I download the City of Hope app?
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Download the City of Hope mobile application if you plan to log on to your appointment using a smart phone or tablet, and search for City of Hope. (Download App for iOS/Android)

Are there any device requirements to access my Hope Virtual appointment?
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To use Hope Virtual on your mobile device, ensure that your device meets the requirements below.​

  • iPhone and Android phones: Video is supported over Wi-Fi and with some cellular networks.
  • iPad: Video is supported over Wi-Fi and with some cellular networks
  • PC
    • 64-Bit Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10
    • Minimum of 4 GB of RAM
    • For SD video: a processor capable of running at speeds 1.5 GHz or higher
    • For HD video: a quad-core processor capable of running at speeds 2.4GHz or higher
  • Mac
    • OS X 10.13 or newer
    • At least 2 GB of RAM installed
    • A G4 or Intel processor
  • Browser Requirements for Mobile:
    • Android – Chrome
    • iOS (iPhone, iPad) – Safari
  • Browser Requirements for Desktop:
    • Windows – Chrome, Edge Chromium
    • Mac – Chrome, Safari
How do I create a MyCityofHope account?
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If your provider recommends a televisit, your care team will schedule your visit and you will receive a MyCityofHope activation email

You can also sign up for a MyCityofHope account at

In preparation for my televisit, my provider has requested I share an image. How do I do this?
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You can access the MyCityofHope Patient Portal to upload an image by clicking

Messaging > Ask a Question > New Medical Question.

  • Enter the recipient (the provider who is requesting the image) and subject.
  • Choose “Attach An Image or Video” to choose a file from your computer, smartphone, or tablet to upload.
  • Click “Send”.
  • For guidance on how to take high quality, clinically helpful photographs, please visit
  • If you do not have a MyCityofHope account, you can create an account here.

Your care team may ask you to upload a photo to the MyCityofHope patient portal. Here's how.

Is my televisit private and secure?
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Yes. Hope Virtual is designed to be private, secure and HIPAA-compliant to safely and confidentially connect you with your health care team online.

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Can my spouse or family member participate?
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Yes. If you wish to have an additional person participate in your televisit, you can. Your loved one can be in the same room or you can request that he or she is added to your appointment from a remote location. Let a member of your care team know at the time of your televisit that you wish to have an additional person participate.

I’m having difficulty accessing or using MyCityofHope or the City of Hope app – who can help me?
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For all technical questions, including password resets and troubleshooting, contact contact customer support at 844-777-4673.