Sarcoma Research

At City of Hope, sarcoma clinicians and researchers collaborate extensively to develop and evaluate new therapies for better survival and quality-of-life outcomes. Our patients have access to a wide variety of clinical trials including new chemotherapy and targeted therapies, novel surgical techniques, innovative radiation approaches and new prevention strategies.

These trials give current patients access to promising, leading-edge therapies and improve overall care for future patients worldwide. Visit our clinical trials page to learn more about current studies and their eligibility criteria.

Our current sarcoma research projects include:

  • Identifying biomarkers for sarcoma recurrence, which can help predict and detect cancer relapse for earlier, more effective treatment
  • New targeted therapies for advanced or recurrent sarcomas that do not respond to standard treatment
  • Using high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell transplantation to improve outcomes
  • Building a tissue bank of sarcoma cells to better understand its biology, variation and development
  • Ongoing survivorship studies to improve the health and quality of life for sarcoma survivors, who are typically younger than other cancer patients