Northern California Real Estate & Construction Council

Founded in 1986 by a group of real estate and construction industry leaders, the Council has raised over $15 million to date.

The Real Estate & Construction Council (REC) is comprised of developers, brokers, contractors, building owners, engineers, architects and consultants who have a single philanthropic goal: supporting the lifesaving treatment and compassionate care of City of Hope. To date, the REC has raised more than $50 million for City of Hope, making this industry alliance one o the premier fundraising groups through events in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago each year.

The Northern California REC (NCREC) history began in 1986, when a banquet was arranged by a group of real estate and construction industry leaders in honor of Dan Costello, Bank of America's former executive vice president, Corporate Real Estate Division. That event raised over $100,000 for City of Hope, and inspired a tradition of philanthropic excellence among members of the real estate and construction community.

In 2019, the NCREC raised over $1.3 million with the support of Jeff Hoopes, Swinerton's Chairman, as the Spirit of Life® award recipient at the November gala, and thanks to NCREC's Bike to Hope event in October. Much in the way that venture capital is used to launch a new business, the money raised by the REC serves as seed money for City of Hope, enabling promising initiatives to get off the ground and establish viability and help quality for additional grants as more funding becomes available.

Northern California Real Estate Council