You are the Heart of All We Do: City of Hope’s Love Letter to Orange County

You are the heart of all we do:
City of Hope’s love letter to Orange County

February is traditionally the month to profess feelings for someone special. City of Hope would like to express our deep affection for an entire community – the people of Orange County.
Although we have treated patients from OC for years, our official relationship began with an invitation to develop a world-class cancer center and network of care. The need for these services, as we soon learned, was great. Although Orange County residents have a reputation for healthy lifestyles, they are not immune to the statistic that one in three Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis. Add to this an aging population whose risk for cancer increases with age, and it was apparent that accessible advanced care was a necessity.
But as all good medical students learn, you treat the individual and not just the disease. To do this well, it is important to get to know as much as you can about the person – or in our case, the whole community. And we have done just that.
As we began the construction of our cancer center, which will open this summer, and established our care network now with four locations, we learned so much about the great place called OC. In doing so, we have developed an unshakable passion for it.
City of Hope has seen firsthand the energy, innovation, and resilience of this remarkable place. We were here when a pandemic swept over it, shuttering businesses, and calling many brave individuals into action to protect their families and friends. We have seen diverse communities of people with nothing more in common than an address band together to aid their neighbors and remind us that we are ultimately more similar than different. We have experienced a time of rebirth and hope when parents can see the brighter future they want for their children just on the horizon.
As our teams prepare for an eventful year, hope is in our hands. And Orange County is in our hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day to all who call OC their home. We are here for you now, and in the incredible future we will share together.
We Love You,
The Entire City of Hope Orange County Team
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