What the Award Provides

Protected Research Time
Protected time for K12 Scholars is provided to allow them to design and carry out original patient-oriented research in areas such as the mechanisms of human disease, therapeutic intervention, and development of new technologies for the study of human disease.  Each K12 Scholar’s department must guarantee a minimum of 75% protected time for engaging in activities directly related to research career development, including all relevant didactic activities during the period of this award.
Salary Support
The K12 program will provide support up to $75,000 in salary support per year plus fringe based on a full-time appointment, for up to four years of funding.

Research and Development Support
Research and development support up to $30,000 may be provided for the following expenses:
  • Research expenses such as supplies, equipment and technical personnel
  • Tuition and fees related to required career development courses and activities
  • Travel to research meetings or training
  • Statistical services, including personnel and computer time