Paul Calabresi K-12 Clinical Oncology Training Program

The objective of this award is to develop the next generation of academic oncologists in a variety of multidisciplinary fields with an ability to translate advances in cancer biology into novel strategies for the diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of malignant disease.
City of Hope’s K12 Program seeks to provide a multidisciplinary curriculum, including didactic, laboratory, and clinical experience components in basic, translational, and clinical research in cancer-related fields.  All scholars are supported by both a clinical and a laboratory mentor. 
The goal of the K12 Program is to provide a structured multidisciplinary environment primarily to train translational clinical oncology investigators to:
  • Perform clinical oncology therapeutic research that develops and tests scientific hypotheses based on fundamental and clinical research findings

  • Design and test hypothesis-based clinical therapeutic protocols and adjunctive biological analyses, and for clinician candidates to administer all phases (e.g., pilot/phase I, phase 2 and phase 3) of cancer therapeutic clinical trials

  • Conduct cancer therapeutic research in a team setting in which basic research and clinical scientists collaborate and interact to expedite the translation of basic science research discoveries into patient-oriented therapeutic cancer research

For information about submitting an application, please visit the intranet K12 Program Webpage on iHOPE