Jacki and Bruce Barron Cancer Research Scholars Program

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The goal of this program is to foster innovative collaborative research and promote the exchange of ideas among exceptional researchers in the United States and Israel. The program will advance scientists' understanding of cancer and develop lifesaving therapies, novel diagnostic approaches and prevention strategies by leveraging the research knowledge, expertise and shared resources in the two countries. 

The two interrelated components of the program are:

  1. Collaborative grants to scientists at City of Hope and in Israel that would meet the highest standards of peer-reviewed research
  2. An annual symposium that would bring researchers from the United States and Israel together to share research discoveries.
Watch the fourth annual Jacki and Bruce Barron Cancer Research Scholars’ Program Symposium
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For additional information, please contact:

Maria Leu
Program Manager
Jacki and Bruce Barron Cancer Research Scholars’ Program
Beckman Research Institute

About the Israel Cancer Research Fund

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Israel Cancer Research Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, is the largest nationwide charitable organization in North America solely devoted to supporting cancer research in Israel. Since its establishment in 1975, ICRF has provided more than 2,200 grants to outstanding cancer researchers whose laboratories are located in all of the leading research institutions, universities and hospitals across Israel. For more information, visit www.icrfonline.org.