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A Message from the Postdoctoral Training Office

Postdoctoral Fellows are crucial and vital members of the scholarship ecosystem at City of Hope. City of Hope is a collegial and inclusive academic environment and the PTO strives to ensure that all our postdoctoral scholars have a voice. We believe that postdocs should receive a majority of mentorship from their laboratory principle investigator, and the PTO is here to provide infrastructure to aid in career development and supply some tools for daily life. 

In addition to their fundamental research, it is our goal that our postdocs be given tools to learn the basics of academic survival and career development. As such we provide training in grantsmanship and other basic skills such as curriculum vitae preparation, giving scientific presentations, and interviewing for your next position. It is our ambition that your postdoctoral training at City of Hope will be a productive and career expanding experience.

PTO Director
Mark LaBarge, PhD
[email protected]

Senior Administrative Director
Saundra Hilton
[email protected]


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