Oncologic Physical Therapy Residency Program

City of Hope's Oncologic Physical Therapy Residency aims to accelerate the development of advanced practitioners in oncologic rehabilitation through expert mentorship, superior education and exposure to best care practice within a leading comprehensive cancer center. Our residents will recognize and promote the infinite potential of oncologic rehabilitation through their contribution to scientific literature, as clinical specialists, educators and leaders in the field of oncology rehabilitation. Our commitment to advanced education and training in oncologic rehabilitation will enhance patient care and optimize patient outcomes.

During this 12-month program, residents will practice in both inpatient and outpatient settings, observe in physician clinics, participate in tumor boards, receive didactic training and engage in research, all at City of Hope. Residents will receive three hours of 1:1 mentorship with residency faculty each week. Residents will be reimbursed for all patient care hours (approximately 28 hours per week).
City of Hope's Oncologic Physical Therapy Residency Program is accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education.

Residency Faculty

All members of our residency faculty are seasoned clinicians with 10+ years of experience and a passion for oncologic rehabilitation. All our faculty mentors are committed to providing supportive mentorship to foster professional development, critical thinking and developing clinical specialists.
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About the Department of Rehabilitation Services

The Physical Therapy Department is an ever-growing, vital component of the patient care experience at City of Hope. We have a team of physical therapists that provide care to our inpatients and a separate team that treats outpatients. Our physical therapists play a large role in patient care across the inpatient hospital, and service all units including intensive care, pediatrics, surgical, medical oncology, hematology, bone marrow transplant and hospice. Our outpatient department is specialized to treat the short- and long-term effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Our outpatient clinic also has specialty programs to address urinary incontinence, female pelvic health, preoperative assessments, head and neck cancer, chemotherapy induced neuropathy and bone health. Physical Therapy is also involved in numerous studies across campus.
Physical Therapy is a part of the Department of Rehabilitation Services at City of Hope, which includes a large Occupational Therapy Department, speech and language pathologists and activity coordinators. Many opportunities are built into the residency program to observe these other disciplines in action and partake in interdisciplinary care.

Program Outcomes

  • Accreditation Status: Accredited (2020)
  • Total Graduates: Three
  • Program Pass Rate: 100%
  • Pass Rate of Graduates on Oncology Specialty Examination: 100%