City of Hope’s Electron Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy Core allows researchers to take sharper, closer looks at the building blocks of biological life. 
Electron microscopy (EM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) provide imaging at far greater resolution than light microscopy allowing ultra-fine details of cells to be revealed and macromolecular structures to be solved. The EM/AFM Core is exceptionally well-equipped. The highly knowledgeable core personnel are pleased to help with experimental design, specimen preparation, data collection, and image analysis.

Services and Training

Preparation of specimens for electron microscopy
  • Conventional chemical fixation and embedding of specimens in resin
  • High-Pressure Freezing (HPF) and freeze substitution (FS) followed by resin embedding.
  • Ultra-thin sectioning of resin-embedded specimens
  • Immunolabeling, with pre- and post-embedding methods
  • Negative staining of small particles (e.g., viruses, nanoparticles, and exosomes)
  • Critical point drying and sputter coating for scanning electron microscopy
  • Preparation of high contrast specimens for serial block face-SEM
  • Plunge freezing for Cryo-EM (rapid freezing of samples in thin films on EM grids)
  • Preparation of samples for AFM and EDS
  • Correlative microscopy
Electron Microscopy
  • Collection of TEM, SEM (secondary and backscatter), Cryo-EM, STEM, and SBEM (serial blockface electron microscopy) images for 3D reconstruction, quantitative analysis, and segmentation
  • Antigen localization by immune-labeling for EM (nanogold and other markers)
  • Elemental analysis and elemental mapping
  • Training in electron microscope operation and in sample preparation
  • Instruction in image analysis
  • Correlative light and electron microscopy
Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Collection of AFM data in a variety of modes
  • Training in basic operation of the AFM
Financial Support
Please acknowledge these funding sources when publishing work derived from the following equipment items in the EM/AFM Core:
  • Zeiss Sigma VP, Gatan 3View and Oxford EDS detector provided by Guenther Foundation and City of Hope
  • Leica High Pressure Freezer and Freeze Substitution System provided by National Institutes of Health, National Center for Research Resources 1S10RR025569-01
  • Vitrobot & Cryo-Stage provided by San Diego Construction Industries
  • FEI Tecnai 12 transmission electron microscope provided by Office of Naval Research N00014-02-1 0958
  • FEI Quanta 200 scanning electron microscope provided by Department of Defense 1435-04-03GT-73134
  • Leica Cryo-Ultra Microtome provided by National Science Foundation SF DBI-9970143

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