Research Business Development and Office of Technology Licensing

The Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) is an institution wide resource that works closely with City of Hope inventors to identify, protect, and create effective strategies to commercially advance their inventions and technologies.

Entrepreneur’s Corner
Have you created a novel invention during the course of your research and would like to learn about how to build a start-up company around your discovery? Contact OTL and we can guide you through the necessary steps and help you start your company.

Partner with City of Hope
City of Hope's main focus is on translational research and developing new therapies. To that end we partner extensively with industry in hundreds of clinical trials and sponsored research projects each year. To support this aspiration, the CATD provides cGMP manufacturing of biologics at substantially reduced costs as compared with CMOs.

Core Services for City of Hope Investigators
Below is a brief overview of the core services the Office of Technology Licensing offers to City of Hope investigators.

  • Meeting with City of Hope investigators to discuss new discoveries and inventions
  • Developing strategies to protect discoveries and inventions with patents, trademarks and copyrights while preserving academic values
  • Commercializing inventions and discoveries with industry partners to create novel therapeutics, diagnostics and research tools
  • Creating start-up companies around technologies developed at City of Hope
  • Negotiating and formalizing partnership agreements such as industry sponsored research, material transfer, confidentiality and inter-institutional agreements
  • Compliance with City of Hope policies and procedures related to materials, confidentiality and intellectual property, along with input from other teams at City of Hope
  • Organizing educational events focused on intellectual property, technology commercialization and entrepreneurship