Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer

To win any battle, it is necessary to understand one’s opponent at its most fundamental level. That’s the mission of City of Hope’s Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer (MCBC) Program, a collection of experts dedicated to the development of a robust comprehension of cancer’s basic biology.
Led by celebrated cancer biologists Charles Brenner, Ph.D., the Alfred E Mann Family Foundation Chair in Diabetes and Cancer Metabolism, and Binghui Shen, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics.


The mission of MCBC is to facilitate basic research, accelerate application of discoveries into the clinic and the community to advance prevention, therapeutics, and improve cancer survivorship in our catchment area and globally.

We are passionately devoted to training, outreach and dissemination. Scientifically, we’re organized in 3 interacting units in the following themes:

  • DNA replication, DNA damage, mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
  • RNA biology and therapeutics
  • Cancer metabolism and oncogenic signaling

To achieve its scientific goals, the MCBC Program