Department of Integrative Translational Sciences

The Department of Integrative Translational Sciences at City of Hope is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of biologists, data scientists, engineers, chemists and clinicians working together to enhance City of Hope’s mission to bring innovative treatments to patients with serious diseases and conditions.

This team will collaborate with regulatory agencies, industry partners, researchers and health care professionals to integrate scientific findings and translate potentially practice-changing discoveries into improved patient care and human health.

The newly formed department, part of Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope, is led by Dave W. Craig, Ph.D., who also serves as deputy director of translational sciences at Beckman Research Institute and associate director of data science for City of Hope’s comprehensive cancer center in Duarte.

What is Integrative Translational Science?

City of Hope, a world leader in the research of cancer, diabetes and other diseases, is renowned for its breakthrough discoveries in the treatment of these conditions.

The Department of Integrative Translational Sciences bridges together City of Hope’s extensive research resources to improve patient outcomes and care. The department not only integrates departments at every level, but also reaches across City of Hope’s network of hospitals in Atlanta, Chicago, Duarte, Orange County and Phoenix to tap research resources nationwide.

Through integration of research departments and the information they produce, City of Hope is advancing its goal to bring its innovative research discoveries more quickly from the lab to patients, with lifesaving speed.