An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center
The Small Animal Imaging Core Shared Resource currently supports nuclear (PET, SPECT), X-ray (CT), magnetic resonance (MR) and optical (bioluminescence and fluorescence) imaging in small animals to investigators at City of Hope.  All experiments conducted must be performed according to approved protocols (i.e. IACUC and RSO).

How to Acknowledge the Small Animal Imaging Core

If you’ve used our services for publications, presentations, grant applications, media releases, or any other form of media, it is extremely important to acknowledge the Small Animal Imaging Core to demonstrate our involvement in the research of many laboratories to continue funding support. As a courtesy, we also request that you inform us of the publication of any images created by the Small Animal Imaging Core.

Authorship should be considered when intellectual contributions are made by staff/scientists from the Small Animal Imaging Core.


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Silica Coated Paclitaxel Nanocrystals Enable Neural Stem Cell Loading For Treatment of Ovarian Cancer
Pamela Tiet Jie Li Wafa Abidi Rachael Mooney Linda Flores Soraya Aramburo Jennifer Batalla-Covello Joanna Gonzaga Lusine Tsaturyan Yanan Kang Yvonne R. Cornejo Thanh Dellinger Ernest Han Karen S. Aboody Jacob M. Berlin. Bioconjugate Chem. 2019, 30, 5, 141
Default publication image
Bcl-2 Overexpression Improves Survival and Efficacy of Neural Stem Cell-Mediated Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
Rachael Mooney, Asma Abdul Majid, Daniel Mota, Adam He, Soraya Aramburo, Linda Flores, Jennifer Covello-Batalla, Diana Machado, Joanna Gonzaga, Karen S Aboody. Stem Cells Int. 2018; 2018: 7047496.
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IL15 Enhances CAR-T Cell Antitumor Activity by Reducing mTORC1 Activity and Preserving Their Stem Cell Memory Phenotype
Darya Alizadeh, Robyn A Wong, Xin Yang, Dongrui Wang, Joseph R Pecoraro, Cheng-Fu Kuo, Brenda Aguilar, Yue Qi, David K Ann, Renate Star, Ryan Urak, Xiuli Wang, Stephen J Forman, Christine E Brown. Cancer Immunol Res, 7 (5), 759-772