Second Annual Symposium of the CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Network

Alpha Clinics: Making the Future a Reality for Stem Cell-Based Therapies




This symposium, held at City of Hope on March 23, 2017, highlighted the goals of the CIRM ASCC Network, focusing on what has been achieved to date and discussing the pathways towards commercialization and reimbursement of newly developed therapies.  TED-style talks and round table discussions brought together a broad array of stakeholders, including investigators, patient advocates, regulators, payors, and government representatives for brainstorming and insights.  

The CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics (ASCC) Network consists of three clinical centers of excellence committed to accelerating the delivery of stem cell therapies.  Alpha Clinics are located at City of Hope, UC San Diego, and UCLA in collaboration with UC Irvine. 


Agenda Highlights


  • Geoff Lomax, Dr. PH,  CIRM Senior Officer, will speak about “The mission and distinguishing features of the CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Network.”
  • Pat Furlong, Founding President and CEO of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, will deliver a Keynote Address on “Removing stakeholder barriers to stem cell therapy”
  • Dr. Rachel Salzman of The Stop ALD Foundation will speak about treatment development utilizing modern technologies such as gene and stem cell therapies
  • In a series of TED-like talks, each Alpha Clinic will highlight specific stem cell-based therapies in terms of current activities and pathways to success.
  • A Model Roundtable/Panel Discussion will address the symposium goal from the perspectives of clinicians, patient advocates, payors, government regulators, and CIRM.
  • Representatives from Adicet Bio, jCyte, Calimmune and Oncternal Therapeutics will highlight pharma/biotech paths to successful stem cell-based therapies


Event Video