Clinical Cancer Genomics Research Program

Clinical cancer genomics research at City of Hope investigates multiple approaches that utilize the latest findings in cancer genetics in order to improve the prevention, treatment and support of those with hereditary cancers.
Therapeutic Prevention and Treatment Trials for High Risk Patients
  • Targeted Treatments for Hereditary Breast or Ovarian Cancer (including PARP inhibitors)
  • For information on a Phase II trial of Single Agent ABT-888 with Post-Progression Therapy of ABT-888 in Combination with Carboplatin in Patients with Stage IV BRCA-Associated Breast Cancer, please click on the following links
  • CTOL (keyword search: 07211)
  •  (search for study: NCT01149083)
  • Cancer Prevention Trials and Other Studies for Postmenopausal Women
Laboratory Research
The major focus in the Clinical Cancer Genomics laboratory is molecular oncology and the investigation of molecular genetic changes associated with hereditary cancers.
Clinical and Behavioral Research
  • Clinical Outcomes Research, Genetic Epidemiology
  • Community Outreach and Health Services Research
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Implications in Society
  • Education, Community Networks and the Hereditary Cancer Registry
Hereditary Cancer Registry
The Cancer Screening & Prevention ProgramSM Network (CSPPN) is a network of City of Hope-affiliated genetic cancer risk assessment programs. The multidisciplinary clinical cancer genetics team has developed an IRB-approved confidential registry (#96144: Molecular Genetic Studies of Cancer Patients and Their Relatives), which allows patients who attend the CSPPN to participate in cancer genetics research.