About the Office of Technology Licensing

The Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) is an institution-wide resource that works closely with City of Hope inventors to identify, protect and create effective strategies to realize the commercial potential of their inventions and technologies.
To achieve this goal, the OTL has several responsibilities. The OTL is responsible for developing intellectual property protection strategies that include the utilization of patents, trademarks and copyrights. The OTL also identifies and develops strategic partnerships with companies for potential licensing opportunities as well as collaborations to further develop these technologies. When a company makes the decision to license a technology, the OTL negotiates mutually beneficial license agreements to ensure that the commercial partner will commit and devote necessary resources to enable the successful development of these technologies and that the City of Hope will receive fair royalty rates and fees. The revenue generated from licenses is shared with our inventors and also with City of Hope to support future research.
We also help our entrepreneurial inventors to start their own companies around platform technologies. We have developed relationships with various investors including local angel investors and venture capitalists to encourage the formation of start-up companies.
In addition to the OTL’s mission to commercialize technologies, we devote a large portion of our time to catalyze research collaborations through the management and execution of material transfer agreements, confidential disclosure agreements and research collaboration agreements.