Clinical Observer

The clinical observership in our Visiting International Surgeon Scholars (VIS) program allows doctors to directly observe City of Hope’s patient care activities and procedures, including cancer surgeries, for a duration of one to three months.

Observers will also have the opportunity to participate in clinical discussions with City of Hope staff, including medical grand rounds, special lectures and conferences.

Note: Observers are not permitted to have patient contact nor hands-on operative experiences.



To be accepted to the program as a Clinical Observer, an applicant must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Be a trained and licensed surgeon or are currently in surgical training in their country
  • Able to provide a written letter of support from the applicant’s own institution (preferably from the Chief of Surgery, Hospital Director or the Head of the International Program)
  • Possess English Language Proficiency as defined by one of the following:
    • Successfully passed a recognized English language test
    • Signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school
    • A documented interview conducted by City of Hope either in-person or by videoconferencing, or by telephone if videoconferencing is not a viable option
  • Have goals consistent with that of the VIS program

Application Process

The application process requires at least four to six months for processing, please ensure that you apply to the VIS program at least 4-6 months prior to your desired visitation dates.

  1. Identify and obtain a City of Hope faculty sponsor
  2. Complete the VIS program on-line application (the application link will be emailed after the faculty sponsor's acceptance)
  3. Upon approval by the VIS program committee, provide all the necessary documentation requested by the VIS program
  4. Confirm proper completion of your application and your plans for visiting City of Hope