CARES Program

The CARES Tools are part of an acronym organized comprehensive program to treat and support the five most common symptom management needs of the dying. It is composed of three booklets and a poster that provide evidence-based guidelines and suggestions for care that should be anticipated by the bedside nurse, supportive care staff, and friends and family of the dying. The CARES Tools address: Comfort, Airway Management, Restlessness and delirium, Emotional and spiritual support, and the importance of Self-care. Primary goals of the CARES Program are to promote a peaceful death, help families understand the differences between a normal progression of the dying phase and suffering, and to encourage all parties involved the importance of self-care.


  • CARES booklet : designed to inform and suggest evidence-based compassionate end of life care for the bedside nurse and health care provider
  • CARES Booklet-Supportive Care : designed to inform and suggest evidence-based options for supportive care personnel to support bedside care of the dying patient and their family
  • Final Journey Booklet : Detailed booklet for friends and family that explains the difference between a normal dying process and suffering based on the CARES Tool, and provides information why specific care is being encouraged/provided
  • CARES Pearls Poster : A poster designed for the health care provider to emphasize the importance of self-care and to promote resiliency
  • Comfort Care Order Set: A detailed order set that can be reworked to an electronic format that addresses all the medication and treatment recommendations provided in the CARES Tool