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To transform the health care system by maximizing compassionate expertise one professional at a time.


  • To create practical skills-based professional education programs that result in rapid enhancements to the well-being of patients, families, professional staff and communities
  • To create health care systems that are deeply humanistic, honest and responsible in the use of limited resources
  • To create and nuture robust networks of professionals committed to lifelong learning and mutual support in the never ending pursuit of excellence

Current training programs

Applying Evidence-Based Supportive Care Skills in Real-World Practice

This skills-based training program offers the knowledge and tools needed to provide a gold standard of care in supportive medicine. Creating a broader network of providers trained to offer supportive care will meaningfully transform the quality of life for patients and families.
For more information or to apply, visit our page.

Training for Cancer Health Care Professionals in Biopsychosocial Pain Management and Quality Improvement

This innovative hands-on program includes: five e-learning webinars, an online simulation, a two-day skills-based workshop at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, four faculty-trainee conference calls, a web-based discussion board and ongoing faculty support.

This intensive skills-based program is designed to provide you with clinical and implementation skills to provide nonpharmacological cancer pain management and implement these approaches in your cancer care settings. 

The training program will be limited to 40 people for the first workshop. Limited travel funds are available; lodging and training is at no cost. 

For more information, email [email protected]. #cancerpainskills

CME/CE will be available for live workshops

Supported by the National Cancer Institute R25CA225485

Applying Cognitive Behavioral and Related Interventions in Cancer Supportive Care

Announcing a National Cancer Institute Sponsored Training Program at No Cost to Participants!
Please join us in a workshop designed for competitive trainees like you!
The National Cancer Institute has funded a training program for healthcare professionals providing supportive cancer care. The training is comprised of foundational webinars by experts in the field, a two-day skills-based workshop, ongoing monthly consultation and discussion board. Each workshop will be limited to 50 people, and will use small breakout groups and peer mentors for a more personalized and intimate training experience. The training program will provide you with evidence-based interventions which will enhance your effectiveness with cancer patients and survivors.  Multiple trainees from individual institutions are welcome! 
For more information, please email [email protected] or like us on Facebook.

CME/CE will be available for live workshops.

Supported by the NCI-AWARD #1R25 CA190186-01A1

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