Board of Governors

The Board of Governors (BOG) is an active group of leaders from business, public life and the community who raise funds for research at City of Hope to fight life-threatening diseases, like cancer, HIV/AIDS and diabetes. Our influence has been dramatic in underwriting innovative research activities and in accelerating new therapies. The BOG has raised millions of dollars with all proceeds directed to our mission.
In 2003, the BOG began funding specific projects at City of Hope, supporting various doctors and scientists in all areas of cancer research as well as HIV/AIDS.  Our focus is in basic research, providing much needed “seed money,” to allow promising new therapies to be developed prior to any grant money being available from the government or other sources.
The following reports illustrate the importance and effectiveness of our funding. We continue to support cutting-edge basic research which enables doctors to prove their hypotheses sufficiently, thereby enabling them to apply for federal funding and move their research forward toward clinical trials with new therapeutics.

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The BOG is expanding! We invite interested parties throughout the United States to support City of Hope and the immunology programs underwritten by the BOG.

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