Board of Governors

The Board of Governors 200+ members provide the seed capital that enable City of Hope scientists to prove out their theories in curing cancer, diabetes and other life threatening diseases.
City of Hope’s Board of Governors (COH) is made up 200+ members that provide seed capital for scientists at COH to prove out their theories in curing cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. COH provides matching grants in kind. Once proven, the National Institutes of Health, among others, can and do provide multi-million dollar grants to prove the efficacy and safety of the protocol. Members of the Board are philanthropic members of our society with varied backgrounds ranging from entrepreneurs, to professionals in the fields of law, medicine, accounting, finance, business and educational fields.
After the grant making procedure outlined above, members of the Board follow the progress of the grantee/project and develop an ongoing relationship with the scientists.
The Board came into existence in the early 1980s and began funding in 2003. Since then the Board has raised over $90 million for basic research into cancer fighting drugs and processes.
In March of 2018 the FDA approved a CAR-T cel protocol as a CURE for leukemia, myeloma and certain lymphomas. This was the Board’s first funding in 2003. 
The Board of Governors has no paid employees and no office, so all funds raised go directly to the City of Hope. COH is known for its fiscal efficiency. 
Why does the Board do what we do? We do it because each of us has or has had family, friends and business associates that suffer or suffered from cancer.  AND, we want to fund new cures and therapies to cure or relieve those patients who suffer from cancer.

How To Join

Membership is by invitation only. For more information, please contact the Chapter and Affinity Groups at City of Hope at 626-222-7409 or

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  • April: Day at the Races - Santa Anita
  • June: Sunset Barbecue
  • September: Science Up Close Night
  • December: Holiday Party at the Beverly Wilshire

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