Board of Governors — Join Us

Compelling Reasons to fund City of Hope through the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors provides seed money for scientists at City of Hope to prove out their theories to cure cancer, diabetes and hiv/AIDS. Once proven, the National Institutes of Health, among others, can provide multi-million dollar grants to prove the efficacy and safety of the protocol through human trials. The Board has contributed over $90 million to City of Hope, resulting in an additional $51 million in grants made to the scientists we support.

Your donation is matched-in-kind by City of Hope, and then leveraged through the grant process, making the value of your donation worth many times what you are giving.
Your donation will fund a specific protocol by a specific scientist. You will have intimate access to that scientist as well as other researchers and doctors. You will hear from them about their work and progress, and enjoy the fruits of your investment.
The Board of Governors has no paid employees and no office, so your donation goes directly to the science.
City of Hope is known for its fiscal efficiency. 84% of its funds are directed to research, patient care and education.
City of Hope has four drug manufacturing facilities. They are licensed by the Federal Drug Administration to manufacture new pharmaceuticals for human trials. This ability saves as much as ten years in bringing new drugs to patients and insures that patients receive the newest and most effective treatment at City of Hope.
One out of every two Americans will experience Cancer over the next 20 years. It could be you, a family member, a friend, or an employee. Should you need rapid access to City of Hope for treatment or a second opinion, you, as a member of the Board of Governors, can make a phone call to a special number that will begin the process of being admitted to City of Hope immediately.
The Board is also very social. A normal year consists of six social events that range from a Holiday dinner/dance, museum visits, up-close science nights with our scientists, evenings at the theater and excursions to points of interest. No additional funds are required for these events. Annual membership fee is $2,500 per couple.