Privacy and Security

How is MyCityofHope secure?

We take great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. Access to information is controlled through secure activation codes, personal user names and passwords. Each person controls his or her password, and the account cannot be accessed without that password. Unlike conventional email, all MyCityofHope messaging is done while you are securely logged on to our website.

What is Two-Step Verification?

Two-Step Verification (also known as two-factor authentication) is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of your patient portal account. City of Hope’s goal is to make sure your health information is safe and secure. 
  • When you have turned on this feature, next time you log in, you will be required to enter a one-time use security code to verify your identity. 
  • This is an optional feature and you will need to turn it on for the added layer of security. 
  • You will also have the option to skip receiving the code after you have signed-on successfully via Two-Step Verification at least once after you set up the Two-Step Verification. 

How do I turn two-step verification on or off the account on a desktop?

Follow these steps to turn two-step verification on or off for your MyCityofHope account on a desktop: 
1. Log into your account and go to Profile
2. Click on Security Settings
3. To enable two-step verification, click "Turn On Two-Step Verification." To remove it, select "Turn Off Two-Step Verification." 
4. To finish enabling two-step verification, enter your email and password, then click continue. 
5. Choose whether to receive the security code via email or text message. Check your email or phone for the code. 
6. Return to MyCityofHope and enter the code. Click Next. 
7. If you didn't receive the code, click "Didn't receive the code?"

How do I turn two-step verification on or off the account on a mobile device?

Follow these steps to turn two-step verification on or off for your City of Hope mobile app: 
1. Open the app and log into MyCityofHope. 
2. Tap on the circle with your name to open Settings
3. Tap on Account Settings
4. Scroll down to Two-Step Verification
5. To enable it, tap the radio button and enter your email and password. 
6. Choose whether to receive the security code via email or text message. 
7. Check your email or phone for the code, then enter it on the MyCityofHope screen and tap Next
8. If you didn't receive the code, tap "Didn't receive the code?"
9. To remove two-step verification, go to Two-Step Verification and tap the radio button to turn it off. Enter your MyCityofHope password to confirm the change.

What is your privacy policy?

MyCityofHope is owned and operated by MyChart and is fully compliant with federal and state laws pertaining to your privacy. Your name and email address will be treated with the same care and privacy given your health records and will never be sold or leased by MyChart.

I was logged out of MyCityofHope, what happened?

We aim to protect your privacy and the security of your information. While logged into MyCityofHope, if your keyboard remains idle for 15 minutes or more, you will be automatically logged out of MyCityofHope. We recommend that you log out of your MyCityofHope session if you need to leave your computer for even a short period of time.

What do I need to use MyCityofHope?

All you need is internet access on an up-to-date browser. If you are accessing for the first time, you will need your activation code found on your after-visit summary.

How do I access MyCityofHope on my mobile device?

For the best mobile experience, please go to either the App Store or Google Play, then download the MyChart app. Once the MyChart app is installed, search the phone book for City of Hope and add City of Hope. MyChart is the operating platform behind MyCityofHope and is secure and private.