How to Cope with Pain

People who have cancer don’t always have pain, but everyone is different. If you have pain, whether it’s from the cancer, cancer treatment or other non-cancer related health problems, please talk to your health care team.
Your doctors and nurses are here to help you find out what is causing it and how to treat it. Pain impact your quality of life, including your ability to get a good night’s sleep, daily activities and your emotions and mood. Cancer pain can be reduced so that you can enjoy your normal routines and sleep better.

Types of Pain

Our Pain Specialists can help you manage your pain. View more information about Comprehensive Pain Management.
City of Hope's Department of Supportive Care Medicine provides specialized care for people with serious illnesses, focusing on relieving symptoms such as pain. By taking an interdisciplinary team approach to providing comprehensive, holistic care to address symptoms like these associated with cancer and cancer treatment, we’re able to help alleviate patient discomfort, not just treat their illness. Our staff is trained in advanced communication skills, making them able to help patients document their values and goals, and assist with advance care planning.
Resources offered by the Department of Supportive Care Medicine include:
Use these useful guides and booklets to help you manage the effects of pain. Many are also available in print at the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center on our main campus in Duarte.