There is a 'City behind every patient'

The Department of Supportive Care Medicine is a 'city' - a community - working together to make sure you and your loved ones never have to face the challenges involved with cancer alone.
We provide an integrated, interdisciplinary array of supportive care services and programs that address the many physical and emotional issues that can arise during and after treatment to help you navigate City of Hope and ensure access to the resources you need. Our specialty trained staff work together to assist patients who may be experiencing pain, anxiety, depression, isolation and the turbulence that can accompany an unexpected diagnosis and serious illness. What that means is your social worker is in constant contact with your medical oncologist, who is in contact with the pain management specialist and other members of the multidisciplinary team responsible for your care.

Our method of providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary care not only serves as a model for other supportive care programs nationwide - it works. It makes life better and more manageable for our patients and their families and friends.

Come and meet us

As the heart of the Department of Supportive Care Medicine, the Biller Center integrates all of City of Hope’s support services in one accessible unit.

Positive Image CenterSM
Offering a safe and private place for individualized care, our Positive Image CenterSM sees to the appearance-related side effects of surgery and cancer treatment.

Educational tools, tips, and resources

In Living with Cancer, you and your loved ones can find many tips, tools and resources on how to address the many physical and emotional issues that can arise during and after treatment.

Department Leadership